This week, Red and Blue class have been looking at addition and subtraction in Maths, then revisited doubling and halving. They understood that they can use resources to add two groups to find a total. For subtraction, they were given a picture of a train carriage, counted how many people were on it then rolled a dice to take some away. We have used language such as plus, take away, subtract, equals.

The children have learnt about different places such as towns, countrysides and seasides. They explored key features of different places and compared similarities and differences between them. One child even compared beaches in Brazil to the UK. Every child has drawn and written about places, sharing their knowledge and understanding of these. At home, can your child talk about the different places they have learnt about this week? Could they tell you whether they live in a town, the country or at the seaside and how they know?

Today, the children enjoyed an assembly from Rock Steady. They heard an electric guitar, electric drums, keyboard and singing. The children heard how the sound can be changed. It was a very enjoyable assembly and the children sang and danced along with the music. They particularly enjoyed joining in with We Will Rock You and Shotgun.

Have an enjoyable weekend

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