This week has been very creative in year 2 with the performing arts!

We have been practising the year 2 dance for tomorrows Summer Fair here at school. We will be dancing about 2pm and hope to see as many of you as possible. The children have enjoyed learning this dance and practising their cool poses!

We have also been rehearsing the year 2 play which we are looking forward to performing to you next Thursday. Please can you check that your child knows their words if they have a speaking part and that their voice is loud and clear. We are having a dress rehearsal on Monday so please send in any costumes that are still outstanding. Thank you.

Maths and Writing have also continued this week. In maths we have been developing our understanding and skills of using the column addition and subtraction methods. In Writing today the children worked in pairs to plan the next new adventure for Claude and Sir Bobblysock.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow and Thursday.


Have a lovely weekend, stay sunsafe.

Miss Spencer, Mrs Hostein and Mrs Fernandes.

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