Hello Reception (soon to be Year 1!!!)

Mrs Caramelo and I enjoyed seeing some of you on Zoom today! We’re looking forward to being your Year One teachers from September. As we mentioned on the Zoom call, over the summer holidays, we would like you to make an ‘All about me’ sheet so that we can get to know you more.

You will need to fold an A4 piece of paper into 4. In each box, please can you write the headings ‘My family’, ‘Favourite toy’, ‘Favourite book’ and ‘Favourite area in the classroom’. In each of the boxes, please could you draw a picture, you could also write a label. Below are mine and Mrs Caramelo’s ‘All about me sheets.’

Mrs Caramelo’s:

Miss Plummer’s

All the best,

Miss Plummer and Mrs Caramelo


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