Today the children wrote their last piece for The Great Paper Caper which was a book review. They had to give their opinions on their favourite characters and parts of the story with explanations why. They also had to think who they would recommend the book to and why.

In maths we have begun the unit on shapes and their properties. A corner is now called a vertex with the plural being vertices. We have reminded ourselves of the names and simple properties of 2d and 3d shapes. The children have also investigated and found right angles within the classrooms and in shapes.

In science the children found out about simple food chains which start with the producer and end with the Predator.

We have been practising our djembe drums and singing ready for the concert on Monday. We look forward to seeing you there!

Gold class have enjoyed their half term of swimming and have made good progress. Silver class have produced some interesting penguin dances. After the easter holidays Silver class will be swimming again and we will all be learning our year 2 dance ready for the May Fair!

Have a lovely weekend

The Year 2 Team.

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