Today, Ollie’s Grandad came in to talk to Red Class about his interest in bird watching. He explained how birds travel to get warm and that they eat a range of foods such as seeds, insects and berries. He also showed us his equipment for watching birds such as binoculars, a dark coat so the birds can’t see you and a telescope. We listened to bird songs and looked at features of different birds, such as feather colours, distinctive spots, and type and size of their beak. We looked at the size of different birds and how some are big and some are much smaller.

Red Class then asked questions, which Ollie’s Grandad answered for us such as

Sylvie – Why are they called birds? Why do birds have tails and we don’t?

Danny explained “it’s how they was born”

Phoebe – How can birds fly for so long? How can bird peck?

Finn – Which birds have you spotted?

Umar – How do birds glide?

Neve – Why do birds eat worms?

Hannah and Vihaan – Why do birds fly?

Louis – Why is birds different? They have different things on them?

Ollie – Why do birds eat seeds? Why do they have a beak? Why do they sing?

Rhys – Do some birds have spots?

Seb explained that blackbirds and crows have different coloured beaks so you can tell the difference.

After discussing bird songs, Lin suggested “if the daddy bird does sing, mummy bird will know where he is”

Thank you to Ollie’s Grandad or giving up his time to come and talk to us.

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