During our assembly today, the children have been advised on how to keep safe on-line. Please reinforce this message at home as this is an important skill to have as responsible citizens. E-Safety Workshops will be arranged for parents in due course. We attach the website if you would like to share further information with your child:


Last week was an eventful one. This included all the children thoroughly enjoying the Chinese Dancing and Dragon workshop. Then also had a lovely Friday at school playing and learning in the snow.

Our Mathematical learning this week has been focusing on one more and one less a given number and then ten more and ten less. Do challenge your child and let them ‘challenge’ you! It’s an excellent activity to practise in the car or walking to school.

The children have started to create dragon poems and we have been amazed by their creativity.

In Science we have been carrying out experiments as to which Material would be best to make a Dragon House out of. The children can identify properties and have decided which Materials are best to use. This activity demonstrated great teamwork and cooperation.

Wishing you all a happy week.


Mrs. Foulds & Mrs. Caramelo

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