This week, Red and Blue Classes have had a very busy week.

We began the week by introducing addition explaining how two parts combined make a whole. They orally began to use the language of plus, for example the parts are 2 and 1, the whole is 3. 2 plus 1 is equal to 3.

In Literacy, we read a story called Anna and Otis, about a girl who is friends with a snake. The story focused on how people may assume what you are like, for example a snake could be scary, but once they get to know you they see what you are really like. Each child drew a picture of part of the story and then tried to write initial sounds, a label or a simple caption to go with it. This then linked to our PSHE where we discussed what makes a good friend and how to treat others.

This week has been Local Democracy Week. On Monday we introduced the children to the British Value, Democracy. They then went to assembly on Tuesday where they met a Local Councillor who explained their role. This led to the children voting for what they could wear today, Friday. In class, we encouraged the children to think more about Democracy and British Values and they voted for what they wanted as their role play areas. Surprisingly, both classes voted for their role play areas to be Fire Stations. We honoured the vote and encouraged them to use their Individual Liberty to say what they would like inside the Fire Station.

Please could you talk to your child about Fire Fighters and Smoke Alarms. You could explain the purpose of a smoke alarm and the importance of checking them. If you have a smoke alarm, you could even check it works with your child.

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