Hello and Happy New Year.

As part of our Spring Term topic, the children will be learning about the past and comparing similarities and differences.

We believe this will be most effective if we can make links with the children’s lives and families.

Please could we remind that we would really appreciate it if you could send in photos of:

  • Your child as a baby
  • A family member, such as a parent or grandparent as a baby or child
  • Photos of a parent or grandparent at school
  • Photos of a parent or grandparent celebrating a birthday, you may include a cake if you have a photo of this
  • A photo of a parent or grandparent on their wedding day

These photos could include what the family member used to play with too as we can compare these to the toys the children play with.

Please send in either a named copy of the photo or if it is an original, please let us know and we can take a copy and return your original the same day!

We will be using the photos this week.

Many thanks

Happy New Year

Mrs Barwin and Miss Lewis


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