This week Red and Blue have made us so proud by performing in their Christmas Play. Well done to all of the children for such hard work, commitment and enjoyment!

They learnt

  • lines to say in a loud, clear voice
  • cues of when to go on stage
  • to sing 7 songs

They managed to to do all of this as well as performing to packed audiences! We hope you enjoyed the performances as much as we did!

The children had a special visit from 8 residents of the Orchard Care Home who came to watch their play. Some of the children then joined the residents after the play to have a chat, drink tea and eat biscuits.

The Orchard Care Home posted on their Facebook page to show their gratitude for being invited.

Following 2 Christmas performances, the children enjoyed their Christmas lunch and a special visit from Father Christmas. They sang a song for Father Christmas then each told him their name, received a present and remembered to say Thank you.

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