Welcome back to our final half term in Year 1.

The week got off to a flying start with Mr. Banbridge who started teaching the children a new mini-beasts song. This involved using the Jambay drums and thinking carefully about the number of syllables in a mini-beast name, E.G. An ant has one, a spider has two, and a caterpillar has three. Maybe you would like to clap out the syllables to other mini- beasts  or animals.

In Maths we have re-visited Shape, particularly 3D shapes and identified the properties of each. We have now moved onto Money, recognising all the coins and again noticing the properties of each coin. Next week we shall be moving onto ‘giving change’ so all the practical support you can give your child will be very beneficial.

On Tuesday we had our sporting event. Thank you to the children who represented Cunningham Infant School. Photographs will follow.

In Science we introduced our mini-beast topic and the children had lots of fun sorting the creatures into different categories. They had to identify the different parts of the body, whether they had legs and how many; did they have wings and how many pairs and finally do they have antenna? This was a super way of preparing the children for our trip to the Natural History Tring  Museum on Thursday! Thank you to all the parent helpers who supported us. It was a great day of learning and fun. As well as enjoying the museum and the fantastic array of animals to observe, we enjoyed a super workshop with mini-beasts experts. They gave the children the opportunity to have a hands-on experience with mini-beasts from the pond and from the meadow, These two habitats were contrasted and the differences were explained in a fun and informative way.

On Friday, the children wrote a Recount of their day for English, sharing their own understanding of the trip. The children were encouraged to use different adjectives to describe the creatures and to use conjunctions and interesting punctuation to make their writing interesting.

I hope you have all had a restful weekend, ready for another week of learning next week.

With kind regards,

Mrs. Foulds & Mrs. Caramelo


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