Good morning

Hope you  are all well.  Today is a Maths activity.

What will you need?  Collections of small objects, such as marbles, shells, buttons, counters, corks etc and a range of different containers, for example baskets, trays, pots etc. Different ways of measuring time, for example sand timers (out of a game,) and even easy-to-use stopwatches (on your phone,) paper and pencils for children to record their findings.

Children often enjoy putting similar items together in pots/baskets/trays. You could build on this by providing devices, such as sand timers or digital timers, that children could use to time themselves as they fill up the container.

Ask your child how many marbles/shells/buttons they think they might be able to put in one of the containers before the sand runs out.

Encouraging mathematical thinking and reasoning:

Describing: Tell me about what you’re doing. How many marbles did you get in that time? How many did you get in last time? What will you try next?

Reasoning: Who has got the most marbles in their pot? How do you know? What could you do to make sure you get more marbles in your pot this time?

Extending: What would happen if you used this different timer? What would happen if you only used one hand/used both hands? What would happen if you used a different pot? What would happen if you used, for example, buttons instead of marbles? How about asking the children how many marbles they could take out of the jar before the sand runs out?

You can discuss the idea that a large object takes up more space in a container than a small object.

Following on from that, how long would it take to remove all the marbles? Alternatively, rather than asking children how many marbles they can put in a pot in a given time, you could turn the task the other way round and ask them how long it might take to put, for example, 20 marbles in the pot. This is more of a challenge as it requires them to find ways of timing themselves, which is where a digital timer might come in useful.

Recording: How will you remember how many marbles you managed to get in the pot that time?


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