Good Morning Year 2. First of all we would like to wish ‘Eid Mubarak’ to any of our families who are celebrating Eid this weekend. Please remember that next week is the half term week and therefore no work will be posted on the blog. Check back again on 1st June for the next tasks. Wishing you all a restful and sunny half term week.  Here is the work for today. Have a great day.


Yesterday you wrote your own version of the ‘Enormous Crocodile’. Today you are going to write a ‘good copy’ of your story. Before you begin your good copy, re-read your story to a grown-up. Ask yourself:

Does every sentences start with a capital letter?

Does every sentence end with a punctuation mark?

Have I used a comma in my expanded noun phrases? (green, leafy tree)

Have I used a word too often? Can I use another word instead?

Have I checked my spelling?

Once you are happy with your rough copy and the changes you’ve made, write a good copy in you books in your neatest handwriting.

***Try adding pictures for the different parts of your story.


Today, you may choose to use small counting objects to divide into groups to help you work out the maths problems.


  1. Ed has 6 strawberries he eats half of them. How many strawberries did he eat?_ How many are left?_
  2. There are 16 children on the playground. ½ of them are called in to lunch. How many are left on the playground? _
  3. There are 18 sweets in a bag. Ben eats ½ of them. How many are left? _
  4. There are 12 pages in Sarah’s book. She has read ¼ of it. How any pages has she read?
  5. There was 18 toy cars in the classroom, Eva had a third of them to play with. How many cars did Eva have? _
  6. I have 20 pence I spend ¼ of it. How much money do I have left?_
  7. There were 24 lambs born, ¾ of them had white woolly coats. How many were white?



As you are doing so much work online at the moment, we would like you to think about E-safety. A 2Do has been set for you on Purple Mash to design a poster explaining why you shouldn’t share passwords. If you can’t get onto Purple Mash, can you think back to when we talked about E-safety in class and design a poster on paper instead.

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