Wow, what an amazing day of learning the Year 1 children have had today! Our day of exploring, analysing, discovering  and making was filled with fun facts about toys through the ages.The children will bring home things they have made during the afternoon session. Thank you to all the volunteers we had to support the children’s learning. We literally could not have done it without your help! This has been an amazing end to our topic this half term.

In Science this week we have taken what we have learnt about materials and designed a home to keep our dragons safe, warm and dry. The children loved investigating which materials would best suit their house and worked in groups to test out a selection of materials.

In Maths the children have started to look at place value and ordering numbers to 50 and finding out which is the greatest or smallest.

In Computing the children were TV chefs and worked in small groups to film a recipe for a jam sandwich and then they evaluated their own work.

We have really enjoyed our topics of Toys and Materials this half term and we are looking forward to our new topics for next term.

We have one more day of learning, but we want to take the opportunity to wish you all a very happy holiday and we look forward to seeing you again after the half term break.

Mrs. Foulds and Mrs.Caramelo.



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