Good morning

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

If we were in school this half term, we would be doing lots of gardening.  Inevitably, when gardening we find minibeasts, so I have attached a minibeast hunt.  Something we might do, is place logs in our digging patch and leave them for a few days.  Then, when we move them, there are usually lots of minibeasts hiding.  This then allows us to discuss why.  Children might say that spiders like the dark, then you can ask why.  Discuss the differences between a spider and an insect.  Can your child group them by the number of legs, or wings?  This topic is endless and great fun.  If you want more great resources, if you  signed up to Twinkl for free, they have a whole topic on minibeasts!  Click on the link below.  If you can’t print at home, ask your child to choose some to copy, they can then label their picture.  But the most important thing is to get out and have fun!

Minibeast Hunt


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