If your child was in school this week, we would be doing a phonic assessment to see which sounds they don’t know, then we would be using mini flashcards to fill the gaps in their knowledge.  Perhaps do the same, make it fun!  If your child doesn’t know a sound, or word, or says it incorrectly, we might put a dot above, rather than use ticks and crosses. It just means they don’t know which they got right or wrong.  So, they are happier to carry on.  if you know your child is able to be told which they got wrong, you can then explain that they had a really good go, but need a little bit more practice with the “tricky ones.”

You can then use the assessment to check they are reading the right books on Bug Club.  We haven’t heard your child read since 20th March, so do say if you think their books are too easy.  I like it when a child can read 90% with some confidence and has to decode 10%, working out new words.  This then means that reading is fun with some challenge.

Thank you for helping to keep your child’s reading fun and stimulating, early reading is vital and will mean your child is ready for their next reading step.


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