Good Morning Year 2. I hope you had a lovely weekend. Here is today’s work.


This week you are going to be planning and writing your own version of the ‘Enormous Crocodile’. Before you begin planning, we need to recall the main events of the original story.

Using the link below, watch a video of the story:

Whilst you are watching the story, record the main events in order in your books. Once you have finished the story, go back and add more detail to your sequencing.


This week we are revising fractions. Fractions are equal parts of a whole. A whole pizza can be cut into two parts. We can say the pizza has been cut into 2 halves. A half can be written as ½ (1 pieces of 2 pieces). When a whole pizza is cut into 4 pieces, we can the pizza has been cut into quarters. One quarter can be written as  ¼ (1 piece of 4 pieces altogether). Watch this video to help remind you about simple fractions.

Use your knowledge of fractions to have a go at drawing out these circles and colour the fraction of the shape. Draw and colour the fraction


Find out about the life cycle of plants. You can watch some videos here

Or use this powerpoint

Now draw a life cycle of a flowering plant explaining what happens. You can use the template for the sunflower or the bean below  if you like. Or why not design your own way of presenting a plant life cycle?

AU-T-2709-Sunflower-Plant-Life-Cycle-Sentence-Writing-Activity-Sheet t-t-047-bean-growth-posters_ver_1

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