Today the current Year 1s visited their new classrooms and had a lovely morning meeting their new teachers and making new friends.They will have further opportunities to mix with their new classes during the remaining few days of the Summer term.

To finish our capacity topic, we have measured the ingredients for Gingerbread people today. The dough is going to chill over night in the fridge and tomorrow your child will come home with a special treat!

In English we have been reading a lovely story about Belle, who has met a special helpful friend, a Bee. This has been an ideal opportunity to share our worries and excitement with any journeys that we shall be experiencing over the coming weeks. Please ask your child about the story and share any anxieties they may be having.

To complete our Science topic on mini-beasts, we have been carrying out a survey with our classes; the question was, ‘which mini beast is our favourite and why?’. We shall be collating this information and creating graphs to show our data handling skills.

Finally in Art, the children have been studying a contemporary artist, David Hockney. Over the next few days, they shall be creating swimming pool pictures using wax pastels and water colour washes. The children have loved sharing their stories of learning to swim and visiting the seaside. They are getting very excited that the Summer holidays are nearly with us!

With kind regards,

Mrs. Foulds and Mrs. Caramelo.


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