On Thursday, the whole school took part in Outdoor Classroom Day. Outdoor Learning Day promotes mental well being, working together, curiosity, physical opportunities and can link to all aspects of the curriculum.

We spent the day engaging in a range of activities, outside.

In the morning, we had outdoor music lessons. We retold the story of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ adding in instruments and looking for appropriate places for each section of the story.

We then thought about the environment using our senses, considering what we could see, smell, hear when outside. We were impressed by the language used, for example I can hear the birds chirping, the wind blowing the trees.

The children were very enthusiastic for outdoor phonics. Some groups made sounds using grass and daisies. Some wrote large letters with chalk. Some used clipboards to write what they could see, using set 2 sounds.

In the afternoon we worked in groups to make nests, linked to our focus on growth of birds. The children thought about what shape they would make it, as well as the materials. Many children used dried grass as it is soft, some used sticks to protect the nest, others used flowers to make it look attractive.

In 2 groups, we explored either floating and sinking or shadows. The children predicted which items would float and sink, then tested their ideas. We encouraged the children to link back to their predictions, like scientists, to say if they were right. When learning about shadows, the children drew round their friend then thought about what affects the length of the shadow as they moved.

The children and adults thoroughly enjoyed the day.

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