This week we celebrated British Science Week with an experiment to build and improve paper airplanes. First the children built the airplanes using a pattern and a A4 piece of paper and tested them. They then discussed what they could change to make it go further. They could only make one change: the size of the paper, the thickness of the paper or the design ~ fair test. They predicted what would happen and why and recorded in their plans. Finally they tested both and checked if their predictions were corrected. Yesterday they made additional changes to their models and re-tested outside.

Our big write today was a recount of the story “The way back home”, based on the video we watched this week, and using the story maps they drew yesterday.

In Maths we continued to learn about halves and quarters, direction and movement. Next week we will be learning about measuring length. We start by measuring using non-standard units and comparing before moving on to standard units.

While we write the blog, the children are busy moving and grooving at the PTA’s popular disco!

Have you all a fabulous weekend.

Year 1 Team

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