Welcome to you all and thank you for working with us this week for a smooth start to school.  It’s been a brilliant week for settling in, so thank you.

Some gentle reminders;

  1. Please name everything. It helps your child to be independent. Especially book bags, water bottles and clothing
  2. Please bring in your child’s PE kit if you haven’t already.  We will check all bags next week, as PE will start week 3.
  3. Please bring in lunch choices as soon as possible, but no later than Monday morning.
  4. Please ensure your child has their book bag every day for letters.
  5. Please ask your child to carry their water bottle, please don’t put them in book bags, they have a habit of leaking!
  6. Please help us at home time to say your child’s name, whilst we get used to everyone who picks up.
  7. Please do read all letters and newsletters, it will help you to keep up to date and should tell you everything you need to know.
  8. Please arrive by 8:50, the gates close at 9:00.  Arriving after 9, will be a late on the register.  We start learning at 8:50 every day with Busy Fingers.

Many Thanks

Miss Plummer and Mrs Barwin


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