Red and Blue class have really enjoyed this windy weather.

Some children decided to explore kites and see what would happen in the wind.

They made predictions before going outside, thinking about what may happen to the kites as they ran with them. We then went outside and watched as the wind lifted the kites. One kite even blew out of a hand and round to year 2!

We then came back inside and discussed what had happened and why.

This week the final few dragons were made using a range of junk modelling resources. The children also heard a little more of our book, The Egg Box Dragon and predicted what would happen to the dragon when the moon came out. We had some fantastic suggestions such as

  • he may come alive
  • it may fly
  • it may go up to space
  • it may become real

The children then wrote their prediction before we read the rest of the story, hearing what actually happened.

Please do come in and see our dragons!

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