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Welcome to the blog for our School Council where we will be adding posts after our regular meetings. If you have any questions about the School Council please speak with Mrs Barwin.

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Mrs Barwin

School Councillors – Ossie our school dog training session

Today our School Councillors and some Eco Ambassadors met Gretta, Ossie’s dog trainer.  Gretta worked closely with the children to learn about signs to spot if dogs are happy or nervous/anxious.  Ossie was there, behaving impeccably, chewing a treat.

The School Councillors will now help me to deliver this training to the rest of the school.  We are going to agree School dog rules, to ensure that Ossie has as much fun in school as we do.

Thank you Councillors/Ambassadors for listening so well, I look forward to working with you on this new exciting initiative.



New School Councillors – Congratulations

Huge congratulations to our new school councillors who were elected by their classmates, after reading a presentation aloud.

I look forward to working with the following children;

Leo, Ada, Lola, Mark, Seb, Neve, Sam J, Emily.

Their first task will be to welcome our new parents to our school on the 2nd July.  Followed by a sale on the playground of goodies left over from the Summer Fair.  The councillors will be in post until October.


Mrs Barwin

Congratulations newly elected School Councillors

Congratulations to the new School Councillors.  They will be working with me until the May Half Term holiday.

Well done

Phoebe and Louis

Joshua and Darcey

Tabitha and Harry S

Ridhay and Amelia

I look forward to working with you and will send you a meeting date soon.

Mrs Barwin

Eco Ambassadors leading Switch off fortnight

Our Eco Ambassadors met with myself and Miss Lewis today to talk about Switch off fortnight.

We have agreed in school that to make a difference we can;

  • turn off lights
  • keep the heating set at 21 degrees
  • turn off computers when we aren’t using them

In Assembly we discussed ways to switch off at home;

  • putting on extra clothing before the heating
  • turning off lights when we leave a room
  • keep the heating to a maximum of 21 degrees
  • share bath water when appropriate!
  • turning off appliances, rather than leaving them on standby
  • When technology is fully charged, turn them off

We learnt that it costs £80 per year for each appliance that is left on standby!

Anti Bullying Week – choose respect

This week, we are very proud to be a part of Anti-bullying Week, the theme is Respect.

Today we have worn odd socks to show that we are all different and different is good.

The Anti-Bullying Alliance is an excellent website to learn more about Bullying and the definition.  Any Questions, please do ask us.

Our School Councillors are photographed below, showing how they are leading by example, wearing their odd socks.


Visit from Anthony Rowlands our Local Councillor

Today we had a visit from Anthony Rowlands, our local Councillor for Ashley and Cunningham Areas.  Anthony delivered an Assembly for the children, mostly focussing on the newly renovated Foxcroft Park.  Anthony asked the children, who should make decisions on what goes into a Park and they agreed on Parents, Councillors, the children and the local residents.

Anthony then asked what is a good idea to put into a park and we agreed table tennis was a good idea, but trampolines probably weren’t.

Anthony then had a questions and answers session with our School Councillors, whilst enjoying a drink and a biscuit.  Our Councillors asked some fantastic questions, such as, do you like your job and how long have you been a Councillor?

Anthony was impressed with our British Values Display and our links with Orchard Care Home.

We thank Anthony for taking the time to visit us.

School Councillors – first job of the new academic year

Today I met with our School Councillors to discuss their first job this academic year.  They are going to buddy up with Reception children, ensuring that they have someone to play with, know where to find toys and games/books and sit by them at lunchtime in the Dining Room.

It was lovely to hear the Councillors ideas about how to help the new children settle into School.

I look forward to working with them again soon, on our Label It Campaign.

Mrs Barwin

Eco Ambassadors first important task

This morning our newly appointed Eco Ambassadors conducted a Travel Survey before School.  They stood at the school gates to monitor;

  • anyone cutting through the car park
  • anyone scooting or cycling through school
  • parents parking on the zig zag lines
  • children walking sensibly or holding their parents hands.

We were very impressed today that nobody cut through the car park or parked on the zig zag lines.

Our Ambassadors will be discussing their findings at their next meeting.

Thank you for getting your child to school for 8:35, we do appreciate it.

Kind Regards

Mrs Barwin and Miss Lewis

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