We have thoroughly enjoyed our Science week in YEAR 1.

Starting with the incredible day at Hertwood Forest last week, where the children made dens, studied trees and generally enjoyed the great outdoors with their friends.

This week we have been observing the signs of Spring and thinking about the things a seed will need to grow.Year 1 have planted bean seeds and will be observing them. They have decided that a seed will need light, warmth and water to grow. As well as some love! We have created an experiment in the classrooms to check that our predictions are correct. We shall be checking our fair test as well as caring for our seeds over the next few weeks.

This week, we also had our author visit from Jean Willis. In Year 1, Jean Willis came to our classrooms and helped us make BOG BABIES. We shall be writing instructions on how to make them tomorrow.

Today, we had a very informative presentation about E-Safety. The children have been told how to keep safe on-line – using the Paw Patrol characters. Maybe, you could discuss how they can stay safe at home to reiterate the message of keeping all our children safe when using the internet. The children then designed E-Safety posters in class using the computers.

We also wanted to say how impressed we are with the children practising their Spellings. We are sorry for any confusion with the ‘new’ lists. These are the ‘expected’ words that all Year 1 children need to know. If your child already knows how to spell them, please ask them to write sentences using the words. Please also keep the Home Learning activities going. We love seeing what you and your child learns outside school.

With kind regards,

Mrs. Foulds & Mrs. Caramelo.


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