We have started our last half-term in Year 1 in full blast.

To introduce our mini-beasts theme, we have welcomed our Butterfly Project to both classes. They have each transferred one little larva to their individual pots and now we are going to follow their growth into beautiful butterflies. The children have also painted the mini-beasts they have made out of clay in the last week of half-term.

We have started a new book, Weslandia by Paul Fleischman. The blurb of the book says:  “Wesley’s an outcast from the civilization around him. He’s not into pizza or football or haircuts like the other boys in his school. So, when Wesley has to find a project for the Summer holidays, he has a brilliant idea: he’ll found a civilization of his own ~ in the back garden”. After reading the book twice, the children started to plan a leaflet convincing other people to visit Weslandia.

In Maths we have finished our unit on Money playing shopkeepers: adding values and giving change. Next week we will start a new unit on multiplication and division. Please note that in Year One we learn multiplication and division as repeated addition as well as using arrays. We don’t encourage the rote learning of timetables but representing multiplication as equal groups. Read more here.

We have a very busy week ahead: on Tuesday we have our Spirited Arts competition when we will be representing peace through art and describing our ideas in writing; on Tuesday all classes will take part on a Dance Workshop and on Thursday we will take part on Healthy Eating workshops and Fun Fitness sessions.

Sports Day: Our Sports Day is planned for Friday 22nd June and the children have been practising the races very hard. If you can volunteer to help a group on that day, please contact your child’s class teacher.

Spellings: We haven’t sent specific spellings in the home learning book. Please ask your child to practice days of the week and the numbers one to twenty in words until they are confident writing without looking. Also, we have noticed some children are still reversing numbers. Please use spelling time to practice these as well if you notice reversing.

We wish you all a nice weekend and see you all back on Monday.

Mrs De Vynck and Mrs Foulds

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