We hope that you enjoyed “Learning with your child day” and enjoyed reading about your child’s progress in the mid year report.  If you haven’t yet returned the feedback form, please do so, it really helps us to have your input.

We are having another great week in reception.  We have planted cress seeds and we are enjoying watching them grow, with the help of the beautiful sunshine.  The children have been making little books about the stages of growth for seeds, learning the correct vocabulary such as root, shoot, stem, leaves, flower etc.  There is a lovely plant activity on Purple Mash if you would like to support your child at home.

We are practising hard for our Spring Concert next week, please do book online as it’s very popular.  The children this term have not only been learning more new songs, but creating the lyrics too!

This week we have been completing maths assessments, looking for the gaps in learning.  Money, capacity and weight are often areas that children find tricky, so please do revisit at home.  Can your child recognise coins.  Can your child use the correct vocabulary for weight, such as heavy, light, heavier, lighter, balanced, same.  Can your child talk about capacity, filling containers in the bath or sink for example, using the vocabulary of full, empty, half full, half empty, nearly full, nearly empty.

Thank you

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