Good Morning Year 2. How is everyone today? Don’t forget to email your teacher if you have any work you are proud of or even if you just want to say Hi! We will be calling you on the phone over the next week to check how you have been and what you have been up to and we are really looking forward to having contact with you. Here is the work for today. Have a fun day.


Read the passage below.

What happened to the crocodile? Write a paragraph describing what happened to him and draw a picture.

Then he swung him faster…. And FASTER… AND FASTER… AND FASTER STILL…

Soon the Enormous Crocodile was just a blurry circle going round and round Trunky’s head.

Suddenly, Trunky let go of the Crocodile’s tail, and the Crocodile went shooting high up into the sky like a huge green rocket.

Up and up he went…


He was going so fast and so high that soon the earth was just a tiny dot miles below. He whizzed on and on. He whizzed far into space. He whizzed past the moon. He whizzed past stars and planets. Until at last…


Use your counting objects to help you with these multiplication word problems. Don’t forget to read the questions carefully and pick out the important bits of information.

  • Ben collects Superman comics. When he counts them he realises he has 9.

Each comic has 2 surprises in it. How many surprises did Ben collect?

  • There are 8 biscuits in a packet. Ali buys 2 packets for his party. How many biscuits does he have?
  • The teacher needs each table to have 5 pencils. There are 6 tables. How many pencils will she need?
  • 6 children have completed their sticker card. Each card holds 3 stickers. How many stickers has the teacher given out.


  • Tom has 10 friends over for his birthday tea. Mum cooks 2 fish fingers each.

How many fish fingers does Tom’s mum have to buy for just his friends?


Design and Technology – Food preparation

REMEMBER we always need to wash our hands before we touch food and please ask your grown up to help you with this activity.

We have all seen and made lots of different rainbows but can you eat a rainbow? Choose pieces of fruit or vegetables for each colour. Which colours were easy to find and which were trickier? Choose at least one piece of fruit/vegetable for each colour to try as part of your healthy eating. You could challenge yourself to try something new!



Week 4 Music Year 2 stringed instrument making (1)

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