Hello Reception!

Today’s task has been set by Mrs Cameron.

This is a picture of a girl playing a guitar.

Like a violin or ukulele, a guitar is a stringed instrument. There are 6 strings on a guitar; some are thick and some are thin. A musician changes the sound the strings make by moving their fingers up and down the strings to make them higher or lower.

Challenge 1: Can you make a stringed instrument at home?

Step 1 find a small empty container like a tissue box or cake tin. It needs to have a hole in the front

Step 2 stretch 2 or more different sized rubber bands or hair bands round it

Step 3 decorate it

Challenge 2: Can you play your instrument?

Do the thicker bands make a higher or lower sound than the thinner bands?

If your grown up is able to, they could film you playing your instrument and upload it to tapestry. We can’t wait to see your instruments!

Have fun!

The EYFS Team

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