Traditionally, we would now be preparing for Sports Day.  This is a great afternoon where the children can share new skills with you and start learning the difficult lesson of perhaps not coming first and performing in front of a crowd.  We have been lucky with the weather for the last few years too. You will be lucky, as you can choose the day to recreate your own family sports day.

Here are the activities that we would have, you can then tweak them to make them family friendly.

  1. Egg and Spoon Race.  You could use plastic eggs if you have them, or hard boiled.
  2. Sprint.
  3. Obstacle Race – hurdles, weaving around cones, etc.  You could add press ups, sit ups or any of your favourite exercises from Joe Wicks
  4. Skipping Race
  5. Javelin – could you throw a ball, or nerf rocket and see whose travels the furthest?
  6. Beat the goalie – can you score goals (Foxcroft has open goals)
  7. Basketball/Neball, can you shoot in the hoop (Foxcroft has a mini basketball court)
  8. Apparatus – we ask the children to travel around our apparatus (if you have some in your garden, you could do the same.)
  9. Sack race – maybe you could try 3 legged race instead (we accept no responsibility for injuries!!! Ha Ha)

As tempting as it may be, try not to let your child win every event.  Part of sport is being pleased for someone else that wins and being “a good sport.”  We always praise effort, not the end result.

Have fun

The EYFS Team

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