Hello everyone, I hope you are having a good week so far. I’ve been into school twice this week and it was so lovely to see all the Key Worker children. I’ve also spoken to some of Gold class on the phone which was a bit strange for some people I think! It was lovely to hear your voices and to find out what you have been getting up to since we last saw you. Here is the work for today.


Look over the work you have done so far this week. On Monday, by recording the main events of the original story, you created an outline for your new story. On Tuesday, you created your new character and described what they are like. On Wednesday, you planned the ‘tricks’ that your character tries as well as how they are finally stopped.

Today you are going to write your own version of the story. Use what you have planned so far to help you.

Remember to include:

Capital Letters

Punctuation (. , !?)

Expanded Noun Phrases (leafy, green tree)

A range of verbs (swivel, trampled, rampaged)

A description of 3 ‘tricks’

A description of how your character was finally stopped



Today we are building further on our knowledge of fractions. We can find fractions of shapes but we can also find fractions of numbers. You may choose to use small counting objects to divide into groups to help you work out the maths problems for today.

Fractions of numbers

Have a try at questions 1-8. You may like to challenge yourself to go further.


Design and Technology

Making a plan is an important part of D&T. It should be clear and contain the information you need to make your product but remember a plan can be changed or improved.

As this week is ‘British Sandwich Week’ (who knew there was such a thing – not me until yesterday!) Plan your favourite sandwich. Draw and label a picture to show what your sandwich will look like. Which ingredients will you need? What tools will you need? Add any other information you think is important. Look at your plan again. What changes could you make to improve it?

Ask your adults if you can make your sandwich.

If you want even more sandwich-based fun, you could look up the stories ‘The Disgusting Sandwich’ or ‘Sam’s Sandwich’ on YouTube. The Keyworker children have already designed their own ‘disgusting sandwiches’ and they really were DISGUSTING!


Have fun creating some lockdown music

Week 5 Music Composing task with Graphic score

Lockdown Graphic Score



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