Good morning Year 2! I hope everybody is well today. Here is the work for today.


Read the passage below. Record the verbs that have been used to describe the Enormous Crocodile’s actions. Write 5 of your own sentences with 5 new verbs that describe the crocodile’s actions.

***Can you link any of your sentences using a connective?

Connective examples: and, so, but, because, then, when, that, if, although

Just outside the town, there was a pretty, little field with trees and bushes all round it. This was called The Picnic Place. There were several wooden tables and long benches, and people were allowed to go there and have a picnic at any time.

The Enormous Crocodile crept over to The Picnic Place. There was no one in sight.

“Now for Clever Trick Number Four!” he whispered to himself. He picked a lovely bunch of flowers and arranged it on one of the tables.

From the same table, he took away one of the benches and hid it in the bushes.

Then he put himself in the place where the bench had been.

By tucking his head under his chest, and by twisting his tail out of sight, he made himself look very much like a long wooden bench with four legs.

Soon, two boys and two girls came along carrying baskets of food. They were all from one family and their mother had said they could fo out and have a picnic together.

“Which table shall we sit at?” said one.

“Let’s take the table with the lovely flowers on it,” said another.

The Enormous Crocodile kept as quiet as a mouse. “I shall eat them all,” he said to himself. “They will come and sit on my back and I will swizzle my head around quickly, and after that it’ll be squish, crunch, gollop.”


Yesterday’s number sentence can be drawn visually. As shown here:

Using crosses and circling the groups, draw these array pictures of the repeated addition number sentence below.  First you may wish to use your counting objects to build your groups. How many are there altogether?

2 groups of 2          2 group of 5            6 groups of 3

6 groups of 2          5 groups of 5            7 groups of 3

7 groups of 2          9 groups of 5          5 groups of 4

2 groups of 10         8 groups of 5            3 groups of 4

You may choose to challenge yourself to record the repeated addition and multiplication number sentences.


Where is St. Albans?

There are lots of different ways to answer this question. You could start by writing your address in full and see what information you can find out or have a look on a map.

Try answering these questions

Which country is it in?

Our country is divided into smaller areas called counties. Which county is St. Albans in?

Using your compass points how could you describe where St. Albans is?

Can you think of other ways to describe where St. Albans is?

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