Good Morning Year 2. How is everyone today? I’ll let you into a little secret. The teachers have another treat coming for you on Twitter! I’m not sure when it’s being posted so keep your eyes peeled for it this week- I’ve just seen it and it’s FANTASTIC! We hope you love it. Here is the work for today as well as the spellings. Have a lovely day.


The Enormous Crocodile was a horrid creature. He was mean, cruel and deviously planned to eat little children.

For your own version of a story, you need to create a new main character. This character will still want to eat small children but it cannot be a crocodile.

What animal will yours be? What is their name? What do they look like? What is their personality like?

Draw a picture of your character in your books. Record their personality traits around the outside.

***Try writing a character description of your character using your picture and the traits that you listed.


Today we would like you to have mathematical conversations about fractions by identifying the fractions you can see in your everyday life. Fractions can sometimes be seen when making comparisons, using toys like lego. Can you spot these fractions from the lego pieces?

If you have lego (or similar) at home, you may wish to look closely at this to identify some fractions for yourself.  You may choose to identify and talk about fractions over a mealtime.  This could be considering a lunchtime sandwich cut into parts. If the sandwich is cut into quarters and you have eaten 2 pieces, as a fraction, how much is left of the sandwich? Perhaps you could help your adult to serve dinner and think carefully to describe as a fraction how your main meal is divided fairly between the people in your household.


Family and friends are important to us all and it is very strange not being able to visit the people we care about. Think about all the different people who are special to you. Why are they so special? How do these people make you feel? How do you show them that they are special?

Draw a picture of yourself in the centre of the page and write the names of all your special people around you.


Week 5 focuses on exception words. There is a 2Do on Purple Mash and here are the Look Say Cover Write Check sheet Year2Autumn1Week5LSCWC

and Dictation sheetYear 2 Autumn 1 Week 5 Dictations

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