For our Big Write today, we imagined we were visiting the woods. Using all our learning powers, we used adjectives to describe a woodland setting.

We have been creating number stories and using the term ‘equation’ in Maths. We were also finding the most ‘efficient’ way of counting on when adding two numbers. Equation and efficient were two of our Star Words this week.

In Science, we have continued to find facts about animals, asked questions and found similarities and differences.

We are really looking forward to our Highfield Walk next Wednesday. All children will need to come to school in their uniforms and footwear suitable for walking to the park. At the moment, the forecast is good, but please be prepared for autumnal weather and supply a coat. Fingers crossed it will be a fine day!

Wishing you all a happy and restful weekend.

Mrs. Haynes & Mrs. Caramelo.

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