Good Morning Year 2. I hope you’ve had a good week so far and everyone is well. I was in school yesterday with the children of keyworkers. We had a great time but today I’m back at home with my own children. I’m definitely going to challenge them to complete the PSHE activity below! Have a lovely day everyone.


Read the passage below. Draw a picture of the scene being described. Write a caption describing the picture.

***Want to try something a bit harder? Instead of writing a picture caption, write a descriptive paragraph with expanded noun phrases (large, grey elephant), a range of different verbs (action words) and connectives (and, so, because, then).

Suddenly a big deep voice from the jungle shouted, “Stand back, children! Stand back! Stand back!”

The children stopped and stared at the place where the voice was coming from.

Then, with a crashing of branches, Trunky the Elephant came rushing out of the jungle.

“That’s not a bench you were going to sit on!” he bellowed. “It’s the Enormous Crocodile, and he wants to eat you all up!”

Trunky trotted over to the spot where the Enormous Crocodile was standing, and quick as a flash he wrapped his trunk around the Crocodile’s tail and hoisted him up in the air.

“Hey! Let me go!” yelled the Enormous Crocodile, who was now dangling upside down. “Let me go! Let me go!”

“No,” Trunky said. “I will not let you go. We’ve all had quite enough of your clever tricks.”

Trunky began to swing the Crocodile round and round in the air. At first he swung him slowly.


Division is the inverse (or opposite) operation of multiplication. Dividing is the same as sharing. Division can be written as ÷. This video shows how you can use repeated subtraction to solve a division number sentence.

Use your counting objects to help you with these sharing word problems.

  1. There were 15 sweets in the bag, if the sweets are shared with 5 children, how many sweets would each child have?
  2. There are 10 socks. How many pairs of socks would there be?
  3. There were 6 marbles. Harry, Charlotte and Louis wanted to play with the marble run. The marbles were shared equally. How many marbles did each child get to play with?
  4. Helen has 20 books. She divides them into 4 equal piles. How many books are there in each pile?
  5. Ahmed has 12 conkers. He shares them between 3 friends. How many conkers does each person get?


Working with other people is great fun but it can also be tricky. When we work as part of a team we have to share ideas, take turns and be prepared to compromise.

Work on an activity with your grown-ups, brothers or sisters. It could any activity you enjoy such as making a lego model, doing a jigsaw or playing a board game. The aim is to make sure you all have fun.

Here is a game you could try. The objective is to move across the room without touching the floor. You will each need something small to stand on (e.g. a pillowcase) just big enough for both you. You will need to work together to cross the room without touching the floor.

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