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The Enormous Crocodile thought by playing tricks on children he would be able to trap eat them! It’s important to remember that the Enormous Crocodiles tricks allowed him to hide from the children (as a tree, a bench, an animal on a carousal) and that the animals that stopped him lived in the jungle with the crocodile. Today you are going to plan 3 tricks that your main character tries as well as planning which animal is going to stop him and how. DURING THE LAST TRICK, THE ANIMAL NEEDS TO STOP YOUR MAIN CHARACTER FOR GOOD AND SENDS THEM FARRRRRRRR AWAY!

Record the following grid in your books and fill in the missing parts.

Trick Animal that stops the trick How they stopped the trick…



Enjoy playing a fractions game with your adult.

Fractions dice game BOARD and Fractions dice game DICE

Print or draw out the game sheet into your book. If you are not able to print and make the dice, why not write the fractions of the dice faces onto individual small pieces of paper or card, then shuffle and choose them at random as a dice alternative.


Can you name the 5 oceans and 7 continents? Try the Purple mash mapping quiz. Can you remember why Antarctica is a continent but the Arctic isn’t?

Many of you have relatives or friends that live in different parts of the world. Do they live in Europe like us or do they live on a different continent?

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