This week has been full of enrichment activities;

Aboriginal dance workshop – a dance teacher taught us aboriginal dance moves, thinking about Australian animals and native dance moves

Healthy Eating Workshop – Linked to National Healthy Eating Week, the children had a carousel of activities, to question their current knowledge and educate them about healthy eating, balanced diets, exercise and hygiene.  The carousel included;

  • why water is best
  • describing fat
  • eat a rainbow
  • how I’m made
  • sweet tooth
  • roots and shoots
  • where does it come from

The children then had a fun fitness session, moving like they were playing various sports etc.

Next week we are looking forward to Sports Day, if you are able to help, by taking a group of 6 children around the activities, please let the Team know.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Barwin and Miss Lewis

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