This week we have been looking at St Albans past and present, we started to make comparisons about what things have changed and why. The children were very excited watching the changes occur in places/ roads of St Albans that they knew. Next week the children will begin writing their comparisons.
In maths we have been focusing on addition and subtraction using known number facts. Some children found this difficult and are still using their fingers to count on. Please could you practice all number bonds to 20 to ensure the children can make links and use this knowledge to solve more complex problems. If your child is confident with this, then practice using known number facts like below.
If I know 13 + 7 = 20, then I know that 23 + 7 = 30 etc
In big writing we have carried on looking at Fantastic Mr Fox, the children have focused on how Mr Fox characters changes as the book continues.
In RE we learnt about Islamic prayer and this will continue next week when the children design a mat for their own quiet / reflection time.
Have a lovely weekend
Mrs Fernandes, Mrs Hostein and Miss Spencer

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