It was lovely to see some of you for the Learn with your child day on Thursday.

In maths this week the children have been reading a variety of scales to measure temperature and capacity. We have been reading different units of measures on scales of different intervals.We have sent home a sheet for you to practise reading scales with your child. This could also be practised practically by looking for millilitres and litres on containers and when cooking.

This week the children wrote a character description of an old man in two different settings. They used a role on the wall picture to describe thoughts and feelings as well as the physical appearance of him.

In D&T the children are making houses in the style of Tudor buildings from 1666. They have thought about the shape of the buildings and their appearance and added materials to represent the wooden structure used at the time.

Topic writing over the next couple of weeks is an explanatory text as to why the Great Fire of London spread so far and lasted so long. This will finish the topic off showing what the children have learnt.

Today was a very exciting assembly with a visiting musician and his rock music instruments! The children enjoyed clapping along to the drum beat and singing along to some songs.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Fernandes, Miss Spencer and Mrs Hostein.


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