Today the children wrote their own version of a story based on Anna and Otis by changing the characters and the places they visited. They followed their planning that they created earlier this week. We were focusing on developing their vocabulary for writing.

In maths we have been using the bar model to answer simple, one step word problems involving addition and subtraction. For example, I have 20 sweets, I eat 5 of them, how many do I have left?

Image result for bar model

In science we have been investigating how plants take in liquids. The children have set up experiments to find out what happens.

In RE the children have been learning about what can be found in and how a church is used by Christians. There has been lots of discussion and some children have shared their own experiences.

This week has been democracy week. On Tuesday we were visited by a local councillor, Anthony Rowlands who spoke to the children about how things are voted for in the local community eg: Foxcroft play area. The children then talked about democracy as a British value and then voted for today’s clothing choice.

We look forward to seeing you all next week at Parent’s evening on Wednesday and Thursday.

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the sunshine!

Mrs Fernandes, Mrs Hostein and Miss Spencer.


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