Hello Year 2

Another week has flown by. It was lovely to see some of you in your bubbles this week or to wave to you across the playground. Just a little reminder that if you are coming in to school, please avoid the activities that are planned for your days in school as you may have to repeat them! Here is your work for the week. Have a wonderful week


Year 2 literacy planning 

If you cannot access the video link and need a copy of the powerpoint, please email your class teacher. Unfortunately the file is too large to add to the blog.

You will also need these resources

story board template         story mountain template


Maths wk5

bar chart sheet

Pictograms sheet

Foundation Subjects

Foundation Subjects Week Commencing 29th June

Lesson Presentation Hindu Mandir

PHSE picture week 5

Turner and O’Keeffe

wx 29 June Music Year 2


The Week 5 spellings have been set as a 2Do on Purple Mash. Remember not to do the dictations if you are in school on Fridays.

Year 2 Summer 2 Week 5 Dictations



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