Another great week in Reception.  We have been enjoying the sunshine and spent a great deal of time outside learning to use our zone sensibly and productively.  The children have been enjoying the;

  • tyres
  • guttering
  • crates
  • builders yard
  • poddely
  • bikes
  • scooters
  • apparatus
  • chunky chalk
  • dolls and dolls house
  • water play
  • dinosaurs in bark

The children are learning to listen to others ideas and take turns.

This week the children have been sitting with their Learning Partner in maths, getting used to sharing their ideas and answering in full sentences.  They have been learning about pattern, size, colour, moving onto number.  More number to follow next week.

The children had their first PE lessons on Monday and Tuesday and coped very well with changing independently, keep practising at home, it really does help.

If you would like to help at home this weekend, you could go on a walk and count how many things you see, such as 1 tree, 5 cars. The children could then draw what they saw and write the number next to it.  Bring it in to share with us.

Have a lovely sunny weekend.

The EYFS Team

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