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Welcome to the blog for our Year 1 classes. The year group blogs are a great communication tool. Teachers will be posting news, photographs, details of homework, examples of work, and anything they wish to share with their pupils and parents. Please speak to your class teacher if you have any question, feedback or concerns.

Miss Spencer

Green Class Teacher

Mrs Caramelo

Purple Class Teacher

We have two year 1 classes. Children in these classes are developing their skills and building on the learning from Foundation Stage. When the children are ready, usually by October half term, the learning becomes based on the Key Stage One National Curriculum Programmes of Study. We still believe that children learn best when the ‘subjects’ are linked in a meaningful way and then basic skills are taught for a real purpose. We encourage the children to take ownership of their learning, ask questions and have a say in the planning process. We hope to motivate all children by taking account of their needs, strengths and interests and provide rich experiences and learning opportunities which will continue to excite them.

Year 1 Friday 22nd May.

Hello Year 1! I am actually writing this on Thursday evening so it seems too strange to put good morning! I am in school tomorrow to start sorting green class ready for the 1st of June. Classrooms are going to be quite different!

It is Friday, yet another week has passed. Time seems to be flying past at the moment, is it for you too? It is also the end of half term! There will not be any daily blogs next week and after half term our blogging is going to be different too. There won’t be any new home learning packs but we will be doing a weekly blog to suggest the home learning for that week. This will include maths, english and another subject for each day.  This is the work we will also be doing in school with those children who are returning. The class email remains open so it will be great to hear from you and see the work you are doing at home. As we will also be teaching there are some days when other teachers will be monitoring the class emails. These are the plans so far, but if anything changes we will let you know.

Today’s challenge is a drawing one. As some of you know I love Disney and I found these How to Draw series which shows you how to draw many of the Disney characters step by step. The following is for Stitch, but the link then leads you to many more!

See if you can find your favourite Disney character and have a go at drawing them. I am going to have a go at these too! lease do send us photos of your drawings. We are looking forward to seeing them. Have fun!

Do have a lovely half term week, keep safe / alert.

The Year 1 team.

Year 1 – Thursday 21st May

Good morning everyone,

I do hope you enjoyed thinking about the NHS yesterday and you have produced some beautiful posters to celebrate the great services that they provide. Maybe you could display the posters in your window for the CLAP tonight at 8pm.

So for today’s RE home learning, I want you to think about the Christian festival called Ascension Day, also known as the Feast of Ascension. It commemorates the last appearance of Jesus before He ascended into heaven to be with His Father. It occurs on the Thursday, 40 days after Easter and marks the end of the Easter season. For many Christians, Ascension Day provides a sense of hope and is a reminder that God is watching over and protecting them.

So HOPE is our theme today. What are you hoping for? What are you looking forward to? Maybe, you are looking forward to your first ice cream cornet, or your first cuddle with your Grandparents, or a trip to the seaside, or a swim in the swimming pool? I am hoping to see my parents very soon who live by the seaside and having a big cuddle with their dogs!

Please talk, write or draw your hopes down. Hopes are dreams that can come true! Have fun and do share your learning today with your class emails. Bye for now from the year 1 team.




Year 1 – Wednesday 20th May

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all well and happy. But if you are struggling today, remember that ‘If you can dream it, you can create it’

In our History learning this half term, we have been thinking about WWII, VE Day and lastly rationing. Rationing continued after the WWII for many years. But something amazing started after the war, the National Health Service. The NHS was formed shortly after the war, which would mean free health services for everyone. Aneurin Bevan was asked to set up the new health service and it would mean free health care for everyone.

I want you to think about when you or a member of your family have received free health care, You may have regular check ups with a Dentist to check your teeth; you may have your sight tested at an Optician; someone you know may have had an operation; you may have to have your blood checked or allergies tested; you may have had a fall and have needed an x-ray at Accident and Emergency. All these services are provided free!

Can you produce a poster to say thank you to that NHS worker? Remember, that we have so much to say thank you for and all the care and medicine is free!

I look forward to seeing your posters! Bye for now from the Year 1 team.

Year 1 Tuesday 19th May.

Good Morning Year 1

Yes it is Tuesday and normally Mrs Caramello would be blogging but she is in school with the key worker children today and I have an important meeting tomorrow in school so we have swapped blogging days! So, today is your music challenge from Mrs Cameron.

You are going to create your own piece of music and/or dance using 3 pictures of things we do during lockdown. You will give each picture a noise and/or action. Next you will arrange the pictures in any order you like to write down your special piece of music. This is called a graphic score and it is a way of helping us to remember a piece of music we have written so that we can perform it the same way again. For more information please download…..

Week 5 Music Composing task with Graphic score

Do you follow the school Twitter account? If not, please visit the school website and scroll to the bottom, you can access the tweets there without a Twitter account. The staff have done another compilation! Huge thanks to Finn and Phoebe’s mummy for her excellent editing skills. Enjoy!

Have a good day

The Year 1 Team.

Year 1 Monday 18th May.

Good Morning Year 1,

It’s Monday morning again already. I hope you all had a lovely weekend? Keeping alert but having fun!

It’s Monday so that means spellings. This week they are some of the year 1 exception words so they don’t follow a spelling pattern but are words e need to know how to spell.

Year 1 Summer 1 Week 5 Dictations

Year 1 Summer 1 Week 5 LSWCC

Do you remember the 5 senses? Sight, smell, hear, touch and taste. Let’s have some fun with the sense of touch today. Ask an adult for some old socks and find objects to hide in each one. Can your adult guess what each object is? Ask your adult to then fill some socks for you to guess what is inside! Is this easier if you close your eyes when feeling? Why do you think this is? Have fun!

Please also remember to let us know which days you would prefer your child to return if you have said they are. Thank you to those who have. Monday and Tuesday have been very popular so it will be first come, first serve.

Take care and have a good day

The Year 1 Team.


Year 1 Friday 15 May 2020.

Good Morning Year 1,

I hope you are all well, it looks like it’s going to be a lovely sunny day with blue skies again!

A Disney and writing challenge today.

Do you remember acrostic poems? You put the key word down the left hand side of your page and then write words or sentences that begin with those letters. The theme today is Disney characters. This is mine….













It was trickier than I thought it was going to be! To challenge yourselves if you have a short name then use your surname too. Or to challenge yourselves even more, write a sentence about your character.

Mickey Mouse was the first Disney character.

Have fun and send us a photo of your poems please if you can!

Have a lovely weekend

The Year 1 Team.


Year 1 – Thursday 14th May

Hello. I am actually posting this blog on Wednesday afternoon, as I shall be working with the key worker children on Thursday. Hopefully you are all well and enjoying the sunshine we are having, despite the lower temperatures.

Our theme for our challenge today is Rules. You may have been told by your parents or you may have heard on the news that the ‘rules’ we have had for the last seven weeks are slightly changing. One major difference is that we can go outside our homes for longer, in order to exercise and enjoy the Spring weather. So, sometimes rules can change, they are ‘not set in stone’. If we were in school this week, we would have been learning about Christian Aid, which is a charity that helps under privileged people who are living in poverty. Christians follow a set of rules called the Ten Commandments. I will attach a link which is a fun video made by Christian children explaining what the Ten commandments are to them. What I would like you to do is to produce a poster that explains the rules in your home. Rules ultimately make a better world: cleaner, safer, kinder and happier. Please make them as brightly coloured as possible.

The Ten Commandments

Have fun and take care, the Year 1 team.

Year 1 Wednesday 13th May.

Morning Year 1,

How are you all today? I hope you are all well.

Many of you have really been practising your reading which is great to hear. We can also see those f you who are going on bug club which is great to develop your comprehension / understanding skills. So, a reading challenge today!

Find and read a non-fiction book – how can you tell if it’s non fiction? What features can you look for in non-fiction: contents page, headings, subheadings, pictures with captions, index page and a glossary. Does you book have all of these?

Choose a few pages to read with your grown up. What new things have you found out?

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Wednesday without your music challenge from Mrs Cameron. This week is learning and investigating string instruments. There are instructions to make your own guitar and how to produce your own song! Have fun and please do send us photos and or video clips of you playing your songs on your hand made guitars.

Week 4 Music Year 1 stringed instrument making rev

If you haven’t already, please do remember to email either Mrs Caramelo or myself with your preference for your child to return to school on June 1st. Please do this by lunchtime today. Thank you.

Have a lovely day

The Year 1 team


Year 1 – Tuesday 12th May 2020

Well hello again. What a busy, long weekend we had and the sun shone and the flags fluttered for the VE Day celebrations. As Miss. Spencer said, we are now wearing jumpers as it has turned so cold.

So, your challenge for Tuesday is to recount the events of the VE Day celebrations. We have loved seeing your celebrations via our class emails, so keep them coming. I attach a Word document for some inspiration, but I really want you to share some of the joy and happiness that you witnessed last Friday. Did you have a party and eat lots of cake or did you get to watch some of the original 1945 television footage that was shown on the TV. I was very lucky that my whole street came out throughout the day to celebrate together. We marked the two minute silence at 11am, fancy dress and best dressed pets at 12 midday, Churchill’s speech at 3pm, high tea at 4pm and then the Queen’s speech at 9pm and all day, music from the 1940’s was being played on large speakers. It was wonderful and very uplifting.

VE Day 1945 & 2020

Have fun, from the Year 1 Team.


Keeping safe online.

During the last 8 weeks of lock down, home learning and moving into the future, we have all increasingly been using and relying on the internet, including your children. We would like to hope that all the children are safe using the internet and know what to do if they come across something that makes them feel uncomfortable. Thinkuknow have released some home learning acitivities that will help with e-safety.

Thinkuknow is the national online safety education programme from CEOP, the online child protection
command of the National Crime Agency.

Thinkuknow helps parents, carers, teachers and others keep children safe from sexual abuse, offering
learning activities, advice and support for children and young people aged 4-18 and their families.

While school is closed, here’s what you can do to keep your child stay safe while they are learning and
having fun online.







I do hope this is helpful for you.

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