Hello Year 1! I am actually writing this on Thursday evening so it seems too strange to put good morning! I am in school tomorrow to start sorting green class ready for the 1st of June. Classrooms are going to be quite different!

It is Friday, yet another week has passed. Time seems to be flying past at the moment, is it for you too? It is also the end of half term! There will not be any daily blogs next week and after half term our blogging is going to be different too. There won’t be any new home learning packs but we will be doing a weekly blog to suggest the home learning for that week. This will include maths, english and another subject for each day.  This is the work we will also be doing in school with those children who are returning. The class email remains open so it will be great to hear from you and see the work you are doing at home. As we will also be teaching there are some days when other teachers will be monitoring the class emails. These are the plans so far, but if anything changes we will let you know.

Today’s challenge is a drawing one. As some of you know I love Disney and I found these How to Draw series which shows you how to draw many of the Disney characters step by step. The following is for Stitch, but the link then leads you to many more!

See if you can find your favourite Disney character and have a go at drawing them. I am going to have a go at these too! lease do send us photos of your drawings. We are looking forward to seeing them. Have fun!

Do have a lovely half term week, keep safe / alert.

The Year 1 team.

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