Good Morning Year 1,

It’s Monday morning again already. I hope you all had a lovely weekend? Keeping alert but having fun!

It’s Monday so that means spellings. This week they are some of the year 1 exception words so they don’t follow a spelling pattern but are words e need to know how to spell.

Year 1 Summer 1 Week 5 Dictations

Year 1 Summer 1 Week 5 LSWCC

Do you remember the 5 senses? Sight, smell, hear, touch and taste. Let’s have some fun with the sense of touch today. Ask an adult for some old socks and find objects to hide in each one. Can your adult guess what each object is? Ask your adult to then fill some socks for you to guess what is inside! Is this easier if you close your eyes when feeling? Why do you think this is? Have fun!

Please also remember to let us know which days you would prefer your child to return if you have said they are. Thank you to those who have. Monday and Tuesday have been very popular so it will be first come, first serve.

Take care and have a good day

The Year 1 Team.


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