Hello. I am actually posting this blog on Wednesday afternoon, as I shall be working with the key worker children on Thursday. Hopefully you are all well and enjoying the sunshine we are having, despite the lower temperatures.

Our theme for our challenge today is Rules. You may have been told by your parents or you may have heard on the news that the ‘rules’ we have had for the last seven weeks are slightly changing. One major difference is that we can go outside our homes for longer, in order to exercise and enjoy the Spring weather. So, sometimes rules can change, they are ‘not set in stone’. If we were in school this week, we would have been learning about Christian Aid, which is a charity that helps under privileged people who are living in poverty. Christians follow a set of rules called the Ten Commandments. I will attach a link which is a fun video made by Christian children explaining what the Ten commandments are to them. What I would like you to do is to produce a poster that explains the rules in your home. Rules ultimately make a better world: cleaner, safer, kinder and happier. Please make them as brightly coloured as possible.

The Ten Commandments

Have fun and take care, the Year 1 team.

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