Good morning everyone,

I do hope you enjoyed thinking about the NHS yesterday and you have produced some beautiful posters to celebrate the great services that they provide. Maybe you could display the posters in your window for the CLAP tonight at 8pm.

So for today’s RE home learning, I want you to think about the Christian festival called Ascension Day, also known as the Feast of Ascension. It commemorates the last appearance of Jesus before He ascended into heaven to be with His Father. It occurs on the Thursday, 40 days after Easter and marks the end of the Easter season. For many Christians, Ascension Day provides a sense of hope and is a reminder that God is watching over and protecting them.

So HOPE is our theme today. What are you hoping for? What are you looking forward to? Maybe, you are looking forward to your first ice cream cornet, or your first cuddle with your Grandparents, or a trip to the seaside, or a swim in the swimming pool? I am hoping to see my parents very soon who live by the seaside and having a big cuddle with their dogs!

Please talk, write or draw your hopes down. Hopes are dreams that can come true! Have fun and do share your learning today with your class emails. Bye for now from the year 1 team.




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