Good morning everyone. I hope you are all well and happy. But if you are struggling today, remember that ‘If you can dream it, you can create it’

In our History learning this half term, we have been thinking about WWII, VE Day and lastly rationing. Rationing continued after the WWII for many years. But something amazing started after the war, the National Health Service. The NHS was formed shortly after the war, which would mean free health services for everyone. Aneurin Bevan was asked to set up the new health service and it would mean free health care for everyone.

I want you to think about when you or a member of your family have received free health care, You may have regular check ups with a Dentist to check your teeth; you may have your sight tested at an Optician; someone you know may have had an operation; you may have to have your blood checked or allergies tested; you may have had a fall and have needed an x-ray at Accident and Emergency. All these services are provided free!

Can you produce a poster to say thank you to that NHS worker? Remember, that we have so much to say thank you for and all the care and medicine is free!

I look forward to seeing your posters! Bye for now from the Year 1 team.

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