The children have enjoyed working with the new book in English called Halibut Jackson. They have shown empathy with the character as he is very shy and camouflages himself wherever he goes. The children did a conscious alley today where they had to think carefully and give their ideas about how the character is feeling and whether he should attend a party at the Queen’s palace at all.

Shape has been the focus in maths over the last couple of weeks. The children have named 2d and 3d shapes and learnt about their properties using the correct vocabulary: sides, edges, vertex, vertices and faces. we have made repeated patterns with 2d shapes and explained their pattern. Next week we will be learning about direction.

In science we have been learning about camouflage linked to our Halibut Jackson book. We are now learning about types of materials, their names and their properties.

PE kits will be coming home tomorrow, on Friday,to be checked over the weekend to make sure your child has the correct kit please. Please do return them on Monday as they will be needed Monday afternoon when we meet the athlete and carry out the sponsored event. Thank you for your support.

In a few weeks, the 4th December, we would like to take the children to St Paul’s church on Hatfield Road to experience Christmas through various workshops. We do need parent volunteers to walk with us for this to happen. Each class will need a minimum of 4 parents. Please let your child’s teacher know if you can accompany us.

Thank you.

Mrs Caramelo and Miss Spencer


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