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Welcome to the blog for our Year 2 classes. The year group blogs are a great communication tool. Teachers will be posting news, photographs, details of homework, examples of work, and anything they wish to share with their pupils and parents. Please speak to your class teacher if you have any question, feedback or concerns.

Mrs Walker-Smith

Silver Class Teacher

Mrs Hostein

Silver Class Teacher

Mrs Haynes

Gold Class Teacher

Mrs Carter

Gold Class Teacher
The oldest children in our school are in year 2 and continue to develop their skills in all areas of the curriculum from their achievements in year 1. The learning is still taken from the National Curriculum Key Stage One Programmes of Study although staff are skilled in recognising where extra challenge is needed for high attaining pupils. Many of our children regularly achieve results beyond that expected of 7 year olds, particularly in reading, writing, maths and science. Children in year 2 enjoy greater responsibility for the wider school environment and help to organise the library, dining room, hall and music for the daily Meeting. Our Eco-Schools Ambassadors are also chosen from year 2 and support us all in striving to become a more sustainable school.

Final Week – Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

This will be the final blog for home learning for this academic year and what a year it has been! Thank you so much for all your support and wonderful emails over the past few months. We all wish you a fantastic summer break and look forward to seeing most of you back in September. Good Luck to our Year 2 children who will be going up to the Juniors – please come back and let us know how you are getting on!

For our final week, we are basing our work on the wonderful story ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. This is for all year groups to enjoy.

Have a look at the overview here to decide which activities you want to have a go at. Lost and Found overview


English Lost and Found writing activities

There are no spellings for this week. If you would like to do some spelling work, you can focus on the 100 or 200 High Frequency words. 100-High-Frequency-Words-Word-Mat    200-high-frequency-words-word-mat


Maths Planning Week 7

Tuesday Penguin-Measuring-in-Centimetres-Differentiated-Activity-Sheets        Tuesday Penguin-Measuring-with-Cubes-Differentiated-Activity-Sheet

Wednesday cut-and-stick-number-ordering-1-30-penguin-activity         Wednesday Egg Cut-Outs Wednesday Penguin Themed Number Bonds to 10         Wednesday penguins-adding-and-subtracting-mystery-picture

Thursday 3D-Shape-Penguins       Thursday shape-penguin-activity-sheets

Foundation Subjects

See the overview for instructions or here for additional resources

Art Lost and Found           DT How to make a corner book mark

Geography Lost and Found    Geography- The South Pole    Geography-Empty Suitcase

Music Lost and Found

PSHE Lost and Found

Science Lost and Found

Week 6- commencing 6th July

Hello Year 2,

This week the planning is based around “The Night Pirates”.   .


Year 2 Literacy Planning

You will also need these resources.

Monday story board template

Tuesday diary checklist      Diary of a Young Pirate

Wednesday Wanted Poster Template

Thursday Pirate Fact File             Pirate Fact File 2                planning template


Year 2 Summer 2 Week 6 Dictations           Year2Summer2Week6LSCWC


Maths wk6

Foundation Subjects

Foundation Subjects Week commencing Monday 6th July

wc 6th July Music Year

Additional resource  world map


We hope you all have a great week.



Week Commencing 29th June

Hello Year 2

Another week has flown by. It was lovely to see some of you in your bubbles this week or to wave to you across the playground. Just a little reminder that if you are coming in to school, please avoid the activities that are planned for your days in school as you may have to repeat them! Here is your work for the week. Have a wonderful week


Year 2 literacy planning 

If you cannot access the video link and need a copy of the powerpoint, please email your class teacher. Unfortunately the file is too large to add to the blog.

You will also need these resources

story board template         story mountain template


Maths wk5

bar chart sheet

Pictograms sheet

Foundation Subjects

Foundation Subjects Week Commencing 29th June

Lesson Presentation Hindu Mandir

PHSE picture week 5

Turner and O’Keeffe

wx 29 June Music Year 2


The Week 5 spellings have been set as a 2Do on Purple Mash. Remember not to do the dictations if you are in school on Fridays.

Year 2 Summer 2 Week 5 Dictations



Week Beginning 22nd June

Hello Year 2. We are so excited to see some of you tomorrow! Even if you have been put in a bubble that is not with your own class teacher, please do give us a wave if you see us on the playground or on the field.

Here is the work for the coming week. If you are going to be in the Gold class bubble, please do not do the work for the days you will be in school. If you are going to be in the Green or Purple class bubbles, for this week we are going to pick and mix between the Y1 activities and the Y2 activities as they are mixed year group bubbles and the plans were already in place when we found out that Year 2 were returning. From next week it should be a bit more straightforward! Have fun!


Monday Literacy

Week 4 Literacy

And you will need these resources Thursday Planning Grid          prinatable book template


Maths wk 4

Do these shapes roll Activity Sheet

Foundation Subjects

Foundation Subjects Week Commencing 22nd June

For art you will need these pictures pictures of daily life

Here is the music task from Mrs Cameron wc 22 June Music Year 2


Summer 2 Week 4 spellings have been set as a 2Do on Purple Mash. Here is the LSCWC sheet and the dictation. There is no need to do the dictation sheet if you are in school on a Friday.

Year 2 Summer 2 Week 4 Dictations Year2Summer2Week4LSCWC

Week beginning 15th June

Dear Year 2

We hope you are well. Please find below the learning for this week. We look forward to seeing you again for our year 2 zoom calls this week.  Also don’t forget that you are welcome to join Miss Cooper for her zoom assembly on Friday.

Literacy planning week 3

Maths planning wk 3

Foundation Subjects wk 3 for you will also need for Joan Miró for Art on Wednesday, Music wk 3 task for Thursday and What Is It Like to Visit a Mosque for RE on Friday.


For the remainder of the term we would like you to practise the Year 1 and 2 common exception words for spellings.  Please work at the pace of practise appropriate to your child, you may like to hone in on particular words that you find tricky and pace this out over the coming weeks to support learning.  This Spelling Activity idea may offer support, but please feel free to be creative and practise learning these words different ways most helpful to the needs of your child.

Have an enjoyable week.


Fun things to do at home; cooking activities

Good morning

County have created some recipe cards that are in an ‘easy-to-use’ format, with clear instructions for ingredients and utensils needed. This includes a clearly explained ‘method’ for following the recipes with photographs and some adaptations that could be made so that all tastes are catered for.  These will be great for you to try at home.

In addition to the recipe cards there are some links to the Early Years Outcomes for Reception children and pre schoolers.

Week beginning Monday 8th June

Hello Year 2.

We hope you are all well. We have all enjoyed seeing you on the zoom calls this past week. If you would like to join and don’t know the details, please do contact the office or email your class email for the details. We look forward to seeing you again this week. We will be doing a Scavenger Hunt! Have a wonderful week.

Here is the work for this week.


Week 2 Maths tasks

You will need this worksheet for Thursdays lesson change from £10


Week 2 Literacy Monday to Wednesday

Week 2 Literacy Thursday

Week 2 Literacy Friday

Foundation Subjects

Foundation Subject Week 2

You will need these for Monday’s science

You will need this for Tuesday’s Geography geography week 2 photos

You will need this sheet for Music wc 8 June Music Year 2

You will need this for RE Lesson Presentation Christian Church


The quiz has been set on Purple Mash and here is the Look Say Cover Write Check worksheet and the Dictation to practice with an adult.

Year 2 Summer 2 Week 1 Dictations Year2Summer2Week1LSCWC



Week beginning Monday 1st June

Dear Year 2,

We hope you have been enjoying the sunshine! Beginning this coming week, we will be sending out the whole week’s learning altogether in one blog post. As is usual, there is daily literacy and maths task and a foundation subject task for each day.

The Year 2 key worker children will be following these activities on the day we have allocated them to. If your child is in school this week, please do not do the activities for the days they will be attending school. If your child is at home all week, feel free to complete the activities in any order you choose. Enjoy!

From this week moving forward, we as Year 2 teachers will be inviting you and your child to join a short zoom meeting catch up with a small group of their classmates.  We miss our classes very much and hope it will benefit the children to keep in touch with each other and their teachers.

Please do continue to keep us updated about your child’s activities and learning experiences at home, via the class email addresses. The Year 2 teachers will be regularly teaching either key worker children or children returning to school this week.  Just to let you know that our class emails will also be monitored by other members of staff to ensure we can respond quickly if there are any issues. However, we will still be looking at them ourselves too as we do enjoy seeing what you have been up to!

Have a good week!

Here are the Literacy tasks for the week.

Here are the Foundation Subject tasks for the week. For RE, you will also need Thursday’s World Religion Day presentation and Friday’s Music task.

Here are the Maths tasks for the week.  On Monday you will need the pictures of Baby Bear’s routine. For Wednesday you may choose to use these blank clock faces. Finally, for Thursday’s learning you may choose to use this sheet to practise identifying 5 minute interval timings.

Friday 22nd May

Good Morning Year 2. First of all we would like to wish ‘Eid Mubarak’ to any of our families who are celebrating Eid this weekend. Please remember that next week is the half term week and therefore no work will be posted on the blog. Check back again on 1st June for the next tasks. Wishing you all a restful and sunny half term week.  Here is the work for today. Have a great day.


Yesterday you wrote your own version of the ‘Enormous Crocodile’. Today you are going to write a ‘good copy’ of your story. Before you begin your good copy, re-read your story to a grown-up. Ask yourself:

Does every sentences start with a capital letter?

Does every sentence end with a punctuation mark?

Have I used a comma in my expanded noun phrases? (green, leafy tree)

Have I used a word too often? Can I use another word instead?

Have I checked my spelling?

Once you are happy with your rough copy and the changes you’ve made, write a good copy in you books in your neatest handwriting.

***Try adding pictures for the different parts of your story.


Today, you may choose to use small counting objects to divide into groups to help you work out the maths problems.


  1. Ed has 6 strawberries he eats half of them. How many strawberries did he eat?_ How many are left?_
  2. There are 16 children on the playground. ½ of them are called in to lunch. How many are left on the playground? _
  3. There are 18 sweets in a bag. Ben eats ½ of them. How many are left? _
  4. There are 12 pages in Sarah’s book. She has read ¼ of it. How any pages has she read?
  5. There was 18 toy cars in the classroom, Eva had a third of them to play with. How many cars did Eva have? _
  6. I have 20 pence I spend ¼ of it. How much money do I have left?_
  7. There were 24 lambs born, ¾ of them had white woolly coats. How many were white?



As you are doing so much work online at the moment, we would like you to think about E-safety. A 2Do has been set for you on Purple Mash to design a poster explaining why you shouldn’t share passwords. If you can’t get onto Purple Mash, can you think back to when we talked about E-safety in class and design a poster on paper instead.

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