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Welcome to the blog for our Year 2 classes. The year group blogs are a great communication tool. Teachers will be posting news, photographs, details of homework, examples of work, and anything they wish to share with their pupils and parents. Please speak to your class teacher if you have any question, feedback or concerns.

Mrs Fernandes

Silver Class Teacher

Mrs Hostein

Silver Class Teacher

Mrs Haynes

Gold Class Teacher

Mrs Carter

Gold Class Teacher

The oldest children in our school are in year 2 and continue to develop their skills in all areas of the curriculum from their achievements in year 1. The learning is still taken from the National Curriculum Key Stage One Programmes of Study although staff are skilled in recognising where extra challenge is needed for high attaining pupils. Many of our children regularly achieve results beyond that expected of 7 year olds, particularly in reading, writing, maths and science. Children in year 2 enjoy greater responsibility for the wider school environment and help to organise the library, dining room, hall and music for the daily Meeting. Our Eco-Schools Ambassadors are also chosen from year 2 and support us all in striving to become a more sustainable school.

Anti Bullying Week

This week we are thinking about Anti Bullying Week, thinking about how we can make a change for the good of others.  Today we have worn odd socks to celebrate that we are all different and different is good.  We then had an Assembly to talk about “Change starts with us.”  Thinking how we can make a difference to somebody else’s day. We played the videos from the Anti Bullying Alliance, which you can watch at home, they are useful for children and adults.  We recapped what bullying is, how it is different to unkind or mean behaviour.

Yesterday we had a talk regarding Behaviour and Bullying from Karin Hutchinson for parents.  We hope you found it useful.  She shared her wealth of experience in this area, focussing on;

  • Explaining what bullying is
  • Teaching us the kindness virus for our children
  • Explaining that all behaviour is communication
  • Teaching us how to help our children to resolve their differences themselves (with our initial support)
  • How to help build our children’s resilience and self esteem
  • Protective behaviours for our children
  • Cyberbullying

Please do refer to our Behaviour Policy and Anti Bullying Policy on our website and do ask for help from any of the staff.

Many Thanks

Mrs Barwin

Sport for Champions Sponsorship


Today your child has come home with a Sponsorship form for an athlete who is visiting school on November 25th.

If you could help your child to receive sponsorship for doing circuits with Kimberley Renicks, a Judo Champion.   She won the Commonwealth gold in the Women’s 48 kg Judo event at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

All children will train with Kimberley and see a demonstration, however, those children who raise the most, will have a photograph with her and there are gifts from her team too.

Mrs Hostein and I launched this exciting opportunity in Assembly today and explained that every £1 will help the athlete to train and buy the necessary kit.  Any profit then goes to our school for PE equipment!

All sponsorship forms must be completed and money handed in by the 18th November.

Thank you for supporting us with this exciting opportunity to show our children opportunities open to them, if they follow their passion.

Happy half term to you all.



Visit to the Foodbank

Today was a very exciting day for 6 children. We went to the Foodbank Warehouse in Harpenden to see what happens to all of our food donations from our Harvest Festival. We were so excited to go on the minibus with 6 children from the Junior School. We met a foodbank volunteer who explained to us what happens when we donate food. We then sorted food into crates by best before dates. Finally, we sorted all of the carrier bags, ready for the picked food to be packed into.   We had a great morning and feel really good that we made a difference by helping others.


Year 2

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Ashridge. We are now expert bug hunters and den builders. It was lovely to see the children working together in teams to create amazing dens. Thank you to the parents who helped us.

So far this term the children have been getting used to the Year 2 curriculum. The focus of our maths has been number bonds, place value and sequencing numbers.

In Big Writing our topic has focussed on a Polar Bear called Leaf who, due to climate change, has found itself in the wrong environment. This links with habitats in science, leaf collage in art, climates in geography and researching climate change in computing.

It’s been lovely to see the home learning books and the support for spelling, maths and writing is really helping the children.

School Councillors – Ossie our school dog training session

Today our School Councillors and some Eco Ambassadors met Gretta, Ossie’s dog trainer.  Gretta worked closely with the children to learn about signs to spot if dogs are happy or nervous/anxious.  Ossie was there, behaving impeccably, chewing a treat.

The School Councillors will now help me to deliver this training to the rest of the school.  We are going to agree School dog rules, to ensure that Ossie has as much fun in school as we do.

Thank you Councillors/Ambassadors for listening so well, I look forward to working with you on this new exciting initiative.



A creative week in Year 2!

This week has been very creative in year 2 with the performing arts!

We have been practising the year 2 dance for tomorrows Summer Fair here at school. We will be dancing about 2pm and hope to see as many of you as possible. The children have enjoyed learning this dance and practising their cool poses!

We have also been rehearsing the year 2 play which we are looking forward to performing to you next Thursday. Please can you check that your child knows their words if they have a speaking part and that their voice is loud and clear. We are having a dress rehearsal on Monday so please send in any costumes that are still outstanding. Thank you.

Maths and Writing have also continued this week. In maths we have been developing our understanding and skills of using the column addition and subtraction methods. In Writing today the children worked in pairs to plan the next new adventure for Claude and Sir Bobblysock.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow and Thursday.


Have a lovely weekend, stay sunsafe.

Miss Spencer, Mrs Hostein and Mrs Fernandes.

New School Councillors – Congratulations

Huge congratulations to our new school councillors who were elected by their classmates, after reading a presentation aloud.

I look forward to working with the following children;

Leo, Ada, Lola, Mark, Seb, Neve, Sam J, Emily.

Their first task will be to welcome our new parents to our school on the 2nd July.  Followed by a sale on the playground of goodies left over from the Summer Fair.  The councillors will be in post until October.


Mrs Barwin

Year 2 Week 3

Another busy week in Year 2!

We have been practising our dance ready for the Summer fair which we are looking forward to showing you.

We have also begun to practise our year 2 production. This week your child should have come home with costume requirements and words to learn if they chose to have a speaking part. Please help your child to learn these words, to project their voices and speak clearly. Please hand in costumes as soon as possible. Thank you.

This week in maths we have introduced the children to column addition and subtraction which they have really enjoyed doing! They have shown a good understanding of place value for the numbers which has made this method much easier. Some calculations have been sent home to practise for home learning.

In writing this week we finished reading the book about Claude in the city. The children then wrote a book review saying their favourite parts and explaining why. They enjoyed then drawing illustrations to go with their writing.

In RE we began to learn about the Jewish and Christian creation stories which we were then comparing to the Islamic creation story. We talked about similarities and differences. Some excellent, thought provoking discussions have been had!

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Fernandes, Mrs Hostein and Miss Spencer


Another busy week in Year 2!

In writing this week the children did a best copy of their newspaper report that they planned last Friday. They learnt about the main features of a newspaper report and used these in their layouts. The adventures of Claude and Sir Bobblysock will continue next week.

Addition and subtraction have been the focus in maths this week. The children begun by reminding themselves and practising the different methods to solve addition and subtraction calculations. They then used these methods to solve word problems. Next week we move onto column addition and subtraction.

We have begun to practise our year 2 dance for the Summer fair. We hope to see you all there! We have also begun to think about the year 2 play. Please look out next week for costume parts that your child may need. The children have been sent home with the words for one of the main songs to learn the words to. Their home learning this week is to practise similes.

Please do see the letter we have sent home today with the change of date for the trip to Whipsnade. It is now on the  Friday 12th July.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Spencer, Mrs Fernandes and Mrs Hostein.


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