Your children all looked wonderful and wacky today!

Over the last two weeks in Big Writing the children have continued to look at different versions of the three little pigs. Last week they adapted the original story of the three little pigs by changing the main characters but sticking to the same story. This week they listened to The true story of the three little pigs and then compared and contrasted this with the original story. They recorded their ideas in a venn diagram ready to use next week when they will write the comparison of the two stories.

In maths this week we have been assessing the children, testing their application of methods learnt so far this year. The children then used manipulatives to check their answers and make any necessary alterations.

In science the children are investigating seeds and have placed a seed in a bag on a wet paper towel and will watch to see if it germinates.

In computing we have introduced the children to a program called Scratch. This leads on from the programing the children have been learning with logo and a turtle!

In art and design the children have enjoyed looking at the work of Monet and using different mediums the children have created their own versions of The garden and Houses of parliament.

Have a lovely weekend

The year 2 team.

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