We were so proud of all the children in their production this week. Well done to all the musicians, speakers, dancers and stage hands. They were all brilliant in their roles and we hope you enjoyed it too.

In maths we have continued with multiplication and division and how they are the inverse of each other, so we can use our times table facts to answer division problems. The children also solved everyday word problems and showed how they solved the equation. We have sent home a sheet to practise the inverse operation. This will be the last home learning activity that we send home. We will prepare spelling packs, handwriting and a list of maths websites that could be used over the summer holidays in preparation for year 3.

The tricky question this week in RE was what happens to us when we die and where, if anywhere do we go? It was really interesting to listen to the children and their beliefs. They showed great respect for everyone’s beliefs which ranged from religious beliefs to Lego heaven!

The children enjoyed the art work this week when they had to use their plans to produce an Aboriginal drawing or painting that depicted a story. This was done on brown paper to represent bark paintings.

We look forward to seeing you on Open Class afternoon on Thursday at 3.15 till 4.15 when you will have a chance to see some of your child’s work in the classroom.

Have a lovely weekend

The Year 2 team.



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